Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pre-Orders Will Begin Tomorrow At...

3pm Helsinki time.

If you plan on joining the Gardening Society to get discounts and don't want to miss any possible "first 100" rush, I'd buy that membership no later than 2pm tomorrow.

I'm hopeful there will be lots of upfront interest, and my web guy will be keeping an eye on things. I may be a bit optimistic to think there will be a rush like Frog God had for that S&W hardcover that results in server issues, but being on alert unnecessarily is better than getting caught off guard.

Because of the remote possibility of server issues, I'd also recommend creating your store account early as well.

*deep breath*

I'm ready. :D


  1. Let's see... that makes it 8am my time... meaning I'll be up, kids off to school and fortified with caffeine...
    Hoping to be in the first 100!

  2. Yup, I had to do the Google search for time zone converters as well, just to make sure I could order it before work tomorrow. :) 8 am East Coast USA is it! I'm setting my alarm clock to get up early for this, something I only do like once a year, so it better be up and ready to be ordered, man. :) I just did a sample purchase with my new account of the Green Devil Face pdf, just to make sure my account works, even though I already owned that pdf. :)