Friday, June 4, 2021

EU Webstore Shipping Update

The post office raised their rates for parcels going outside of the EU as of May 1, and we had to raise our rates to match. The increase was 66% in some cases.

We have this week completed negotiating new shipping deals with three different carriers. This will greatly reduce shipping costs from the EU webstore for everyone, and maybe even shipping times.

Until that is all set up in the webstore, and we estimate it could take up to two weeks to learn three new shipping systems and then get them set up as choices in the webstore, we've deactivated shipping to all territories except Finland.

Sorry for the inconvenience but you'll love what comes after.


One reason we "estimate" that it could take a couple weeks to get up and running is that in the middle of this, we have a number of new titles that are supposed to go to press by the end of the month. All of this is happening at once. yay!

So hopefully in early August we have seven new titles for sale, much better shipping rates for it all no matter where you're ordering from, and we all give an unironic yay!

And the plan is still for the release cycle after that to finally deliver the Ref book.