Sunday, August 2, 2020

August Update!

Orders were extremely heavy after the new titles went on sale (see the previous post), to the point that July 2020 was the biggest month sales-wise that LotFP has ever had. Thank you all!

But this created some logistics issues, and I only now today finished all the packing:

... and it's taking up my whole apartment. You can see some of the living room (packing ground zero!), as well as some of the hallway (it is full of boxes ready to go out), some of the kitchen mess, and the bedroom has stacks of boxes as well.

We've made arrangements with the post office to have a dedicated employee processing all this tomorrow, and I have some assistants that will be arriving to help me get it all there.

Can't wait to be living in a living space and not a warehouse again. :P

As far as orders through the US store, the shipment of the new titles has not yet arrived at the US warehouse. I was told it was arriving last Monday, and the printer (who is the official shipper of record for that) has not gotten an update or explanation all week as to why that has not happened. Last year my big freight shipment was stuck in some waystation warehouse in the same metro area as the final destination and it took someone driving up there from Indianapolis to get things cleared up and properly moving... and seeing as there's no Gen Con this year (today would have been the last day!), we have to do all this crap very remotely. But when the shipment arrives, all of your orders through the US store will go out right away.

Until next time...