Friday, March 11, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different - Discussion About Upcoming Stuff

Nothing grotesque here except for some business talk.

Still have a very few last minute art bits to finish out the Grindhouse Edition, and it's in final proofing now.

Vornheim: The Complete City Kit is going into final layouts and proofing during this weekend.

The plan is to have everything to the printer the week of the 21st. We'll see...

Not 100% finalized, but the retail prices will be somewhere around 12,50€ for Vornheim and 37,50€ for the Grindhouse Edition.

Pre-orders will open when they go to the printer and I've got the commercial PDF versions together (hopefully just a day or two after). There will be a free bonus thingy for people who pre-order both at the same time. (also, the shirt will go up for pre-order, but you don't need to order that to get the free thingy)

Next week I'll be opening up the Gardening Society again for memberships. That'll happen next week, I just need to get the formats of a few things done and straighten out how I'm going to arrange the benefits.

While down at the printer dealing with the color proofs (who the hell decided that screens would use a different color palette than printers? grrr. GRRRR.) I also discussed formats and pricing for Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown.

Carcosa is going to be awesome. Looking at 192 pages right now, a cover as wonderful to touch as seal skin, with a foil-pressed cover. The printer rep did not look amused when I asked if human skin was available for the binding. Looks like the interior pages won't be able to be thick parchment-like paper without putting the costs through the roof. We should know who the artist is going to be for the whole Carcosa project by the end of next week.

Isle of the Unknown is a bit vexing. The book is looking like 128 pages, maybe 160 depending on how we handle the art. McKinney and I have big plans. Every monster in this book is new and unique, and we want them all illustrated. Plus there is a common theme through several of the areas described and I want those to get their own full page pieces. And we're trying to do this full-color - bring this island to LIFE. That's just about 125 color pieces.

We're trying to keep the final retail price below US$40for each of these books, but that's getting really tough with all the color we want in Isle...


  1. Looking forward to all of these! Are you still planning to do some kind of pre-order package that includes Grindhouse, Vornheim, and the shirt?

  2. Will the shirt come in a size I won't specify in a public forum due to the embarrassment from such a statement?

  3. I was planning S - XXL, larger shirts cost more but I suppose I could set that up as an option.

  4. I'd be willing to pay more for a larger shirt. I'm not willing to say the size in this forum.

    What is the design on the shirt?

  5. So excited! Does this mean a release for Vornheim and Grindhouse somewhere in the April/May range?

  6. They'll be shipping in mid-April, most likely.

    ENNIE deadlines are my hard deadlines this time around. :D

  7. Watch this space for updates on preorders?