Friday, April 1, 2011

The Plan For Today

2:50pm: I take the store down and activate the new releases. All the info is in there and has been tested (hopefully enough) to make sure all is in order. At this point if you try to log onto the store you'll get some sort of "Undergoing Maintenance" message.

3:00pm: As soon as the blog announcement posts announcing that pre-orders are open, I'll hit the button and the store will be live.

And at that point I hope we all get what we want.

I will be monitoring the situation (and so too, hopefully, will the web guy) until about 6pm. Then I get ready and go to Night Visions and won't be back until about 4am. Before I leave I'll update how many orders have been made, but if there really is a big rush I may not be home to post when the first 100 are already spoken for.

I feel like I'm giving a war speech. :D "Good luck gentlemen."

(all times are Helsinki local times)


  1. Feel like I'm waiting in line at a store at midnight :)

    And to be honest, even if I am not in the first 100, I'm still pre-ordering them.

  2. I feel like I'm giving a war speech.

    Image of JER in Patton gear now seared indelibly into my brain.

    @Simon: Glad it's not just me. I'm getting the "finger hovering over the mouse for Glastonbury tickets" jitters. ;)

    Don't want Vornheim: neeeeeeeed Vornheim.

  3. You are being a goddamn tease to people who are out of bed an hour early to be at the front of the line.