Thursday, December 15, 2016

New LotFP Releases: Broodmother SkyFortress and Blood in the Chocolate

Wow, I don't use the blog much anymore. If you're wanting to keep up on LotFP stuff, you'll want to head over to Facebook or G+, and there are also fan communities on Facebook and G+.

Anywho, Broodmother Skyfortress and Blood in the Chocolate are available now in Print and PDF! They'll be filtering out to local stores in the next couple months.

Slügs! is also available for direct order from the LotFP website.

The Broodmother and BitC authors talk to each other about their new books here.

Kiel gives all the needed info about Blood in the Chocolate here.

Broodmother has been reviewed here, here, and here.

Buy buy buy so my apartment doesn't have to look like this over the holidays!