Monday, March 28, 2011

Calm Before Friday's Storm

Did I say "calm"? I meant "Madness!"

Finished the PDFs for Vornheim and the Grindhouse Edition over the weekend. We're all ready to go April 1.

I also dealt with formatting abnomalities with the printers and other fun technical things the past couple days. That was to be expected, but it's still bleh to do. But everything that can be done to make sure the books are physically top-quality is being done.

I finally read Le Fanu's Carmilla last night, after some weeks of having Briton Rites' For Mircalla album on the playlist. Many, many ideas going through my head after reading that. I now have five trilogies of adventures swimming in my head (Vampires, Iri-Khan, Duvan'Ku, Garvin Richrom, Dwarfs) which each intersect with one of the others in one part of each trilogy only.

We all know I'll be dead before finishing that many projects (even if three of those already have the first bits published), but after the projects that go to press in (hopefully) June, I'm taking the rest of the year to work on my stuff and get some of that out into the world.

Speaking of one of the June hopefuls, I'm working on prelim Carcosa layouts today, and getting the overall art plan together. Working with Zak on Vornheim is already paying off I think...

Carcosa is special to me as it was the prime topic of conversation during the first date with my now-wife. It's going to be treated as such, and I promise you it will be something special in the history of RPG releases.

Yeah, I just said that.

And I think I can do it without breaking my bank or yours.

Pre-orders will be difficult (or should I say retail and distributor pre-orders)with this one because there is no way to show you what the cover looks like before it's printed. It'll be a foil-stamped silhouette reminiscent of the original edition's cover, but just showing the art to be used to make the stamping tool is hardly going to get people's panties wet. After it arrives though, look out!

Isle of the Unknown won't be that difficult to preview. Cynthia Sheppard will be doing the cover art, Jason Rainville the interior full-page art, and Amos Orion Sterns will be doing the monsters pics. All in vibrant color!

Back to work... hoping the box seals, SS&S Expert for the webstore, and Human Centipede DVD arrive in the mail today...


  1. Much I am looking forward to Friday's pre-ordering (I'm hoping to be among the first 100!), I am also glad to hear that you will be getting back to some good, old-fashioned module writing soon!

  2. anyone have stats for a tri-hound?