Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Karina is clingy and vapid, but otherwise pleasant company."

Garrett McGurty, come on down! You are a winner!

There seemed to be a few themes here - Karina as devil, Karina as creation, but McGurty's Karina had a bit of tragedy in it, reminded me of The Ring (Japanese version only thanks!), seemed most well-suited for inclusion in a wide variety of campaigns, and had that absolute howler of a final line that I used in the subject. Very Weird all around. :D

The PDF with all the Karinas is here.

The previous contest PDFs are here: Magic Items and Spells.


  1. Congratulations Garrett! Going to read through them all now :)

  2. I've got to work in Garrett's Karina into my LOTFP game somehow!

  3. Thanks! (I'm Garrett btw) I got a little lazy describing corpse-Karina though. If anyone does try to implement her they'll have a few different options for the afflictions contact might bring about. Apparently most viruses and infectious bacteria die off pretty quickly, being replaced by decomposers that arent as harmful.
    Some however can remain dormant (such as tuberculosis) and can infect new hosts long after the previous one has died. But since we're talking about the walking dead there shouldnt be any problem coming up with some fantastical malady to hit players with (mummy rot anyone?)

    Cant wait for the Grindhouse Edition!