Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pembrooktonshire Gardening Society Now Accepting New Members!

That's right, you can join this most exclusive club again!

Members receive a 1€ discount off any and all print products in the LotFP store, forever!

You will also receive a Membership Card in the mail with your name and member number. This will be mailed to you and can be used to claim your discount in person at any convention that LotFP attends, as well as claiming your discount on LotFP products at selected conventions where LotFP isn't there!

This Second Wave membership costs 10€ (plus shipping or VAT). Join here!


Three notes:

Founding Gardening Society members (Membership #s 1 - 31) will receive the permanent discount in addition to their previously promised one-time discount.

I'm arranging an order for literally dozens of products from various publishers to stock the webstore. It'll be shipped on the slow boat so I don't expect to receive it all until June, but there will be plenty of opportunity for you to make back your membership fee - you won't have to depend on LotFP's own glacial release schedule!

I have arranged it so that Gardening Society membership cards will be accepted at the OSRG Gen Con booth and at the North Texas RPG Convention for LotFP releases only.


  1. I seem to be giving you all my money :)

  2. I fumbled my Magic Device saving throw as well

  3. When will the 1€ discount be enacted in the store for Founding Gardening Society members? In time for the pre-order, I hope?

  4. It's been in place since I opened the new webstore, but it only works for those who have created an account for the store and have let me know so I can manually upgrade them.

    I sent an email to founding members on February 20th concerning this. Contact me directly if you didn't get it.

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