Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's On!

Files were delivered to both printers today.

Next on the to-do list: Get the PDF files ready in time for the April 1 pre-order launch (yeah, I'm doing the first instead of the second - if people think it's a joke on Friday maybe they'll figure out it's real when it's still on sale Monday). Sort out the free download maps that are plugged in Vornheim. Arrange the freebies for the people that pre-order Vornheim + Grindhouse Edition together. Get the sales sheet together so distributors can place orders.

Then have a good sit-down with this Dead Gardens (working title) adventure and see what needs to be done and get that rolling.

Then sit down with Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown and start making final format decisions there so I know how much and what kind of art I need for each.

Get as much done on those other-author projects, plus Death Ferox Doom, as possible before the stuff is back from the printer, because that'll be at least two solid weeks of assembling, packing, mailing.

Estimates now is the week before Easter, so the wife gets to live with thousands of boxed books as they arrive, I gather a few together, and I head to Gothenburg for Gothcon.

Everything has taken longer this year than planned (as usual - I had originally hoped to have the box to press in late December or the very beginning of January!), but I still hope to have Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown ready for Ropecon and GenCon - which means a June press date.

... I hope I didn't decide to become a publisher to avoid real work...


  1. Dead Gardens? Are you writing that, James, or is someone else?

  2. Someone else. Don't want to give a lot of details because it's still early days on that yet and we all look like poop if it falls apart. :)

  3. Do you have pricing yet so I can add it to my April budget?

  4. Barring a surprise pricing change from the printers before they start the jobs, 32,50€ for the box, 12,50€ for Vornheim, plus shipping or VAT depending on where you live.

  5. Sound like good prices to me. Looking forward to the pre-order :)

    And it must be very exciting and fulfilling to see it all come together.

  6. Are the print runs of the Grindhouse edition and Vornheim going to be large enough that they should last through the releases of Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown? As a Gardening Society member, I'd like to pick them all up at the same time.