Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jim Roslof

Roslof died yesterday.

When remembering him, remember not only his own art, but his work as TSR Art Director which enabled so many more memories.

From Wikipedia:

Roslof was promoted to Art Director [in May 1981], but instead of simply staying with the style of art that had defined TSR products since 1975, Roslof hired a cadre of brilliant artists whose artwork would define TSR to a generation, and who would all go on to successful careers as fantasy artists: Jim Holloway, Larry Elmore, Jeff Easley, Harry Quinn, Keith Parkinson, Tim Truman and Clyde Caldwell.

That's a hell of a legacy.


  1. I'm surprised the OSR bloggers don't hate him, since he ruined the "purity" of the art style in D&D.

  2. :(

    No joke about Jim's legacy in the above context. And certainly very humble about that legacy, as witness the dearth of information online. The spotlights shine more often on those who actively seek fame...

    n.b. Messages of condolence can also be left on the guestbook at , if desired.