Monday, March 7, 2011

Went Down to the Printer Today...

Handed over all the color files for the upcoming projects (covers of the Tutorial + Referee + Rules and Magic books, the 8 page color insert, and both sides of the Vornheim dust jacket). No, it's going to press yet, I'm just getting color proofs since I've never worked with a proper press before and this is my first journey into CMYK land.

But I figure doing that before I send the full projects to press will save time as I screw up the color now instead of when I'm waiting for the full project.

To let you know how thrilling that is, I spent all morning trying to match black on black on the Vornheim cover. And then sat around the printer office feeling the texture of like a hundred different paper and cover material samples. I really recommend visiting your local offset press office and do that; you'll never want to be constrained by POD or short-run digital presses again...

While there, I spent over an hour talking over various options concerning Carcosa (she didn't have a very happy look on her face when I asked, "Can I get a quote on binding it in human skin?" Hell, I was advised that real leather isn't even really a feasible option these days), Isle of the Unknown, and one more project I don't want to announce before finding out if Grindhouse and Vornheim have successful launches.

So we'll know soon enough whether Isle of the Unknown can really be full color or not, and whether Carcosa really is going to be a "spare no expenses" kind of book (double foil imaging on the cover!).

Back to art sketch critiques and Vornheim layouts...

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  1. I think to get the 'human skin' binding, you will have to go with moving production to somewhere other than Finland where folks have all sorts of antiquated ideas about the rights of individual proles and the dignity with which human remains should be treated.

    On the other hand, those people who do all exhibits of dismembered corpses playing the saxophone or riding bicycles with the plasticized human remains of Chinese prisoners, er, I mean "volunteers" can probably hook you up --- after all, they are just throwing that skin AWAY --- although I understand it costs extra to get the human skin without bullet holes... but maybe the bullet holes could be used to bind the book.