Friday, April 21, 2017

Veins of the Earth out now, and First Reviews!

Veins of the Earth, writing by Patrick Stuart, art by Scrap Princess, layout and design by Jez Gordon.

Available here in print or here in PDF.

You can hit those links and see the official promotional material, but it might be more valuable to see what paying customers have already said:

"Evocative hints, and inspiring prose rather than excessive rules driven explanation alone would make Veins of the Earth an outstanding setting book, but the way it marries mechanics to setting intent and mood of play is a very rare accomplishment."
(full review here)

"This book is beautiful."
(full review here)

"My initial thoughts? Jesus. It's love at first sight."
(full review here)

"If you are interested in running games that extend below the surface, I’d put this on a must-have list for the sheer amount of inspiration and research it condenses alone."
(full review here)

Here's a Reddit post about Veins.

And Patrick and Scrap did an interview here.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

David Hill is a Liar

In the comments of a recent post, David Hill says: "Raggi has said he'd love to work with Vikernes on a game some time. That's just one step removed from their current writer pool."

That post is here:

The relevant bit:

My previous posts about Vikernes are: (this post also has more screencaps of Hill being a lying asshole)

My thoughts on working with Varg are deep in the comments of that last post. To quote myself from there:


Raise your hands if you think that...

A- Varg would approach me with a project.

B- He'd do something magnificent enough to be worth the headaches. The PR problems and maybe other people I work with jumping ship are hardly important next to the fact that he's previously killed a business partner - his publisher, basically - that he wasn't happy with.

C- The project he wanted to do wouldn't have any of his racial nonsense.


I mean, most releases I deal with, I risk my reputation if I fuck it up - both with the public and the people I work with, plus there's always the danger of going broke if a major release flops.

Stakes are a bit higher here, where there's always the nagging doubt if I'm going to get stabbed a bunch of times if things go poorly.

If he drops something on me that is so awesome that I think it's possibly worth my life to publish it, any PR issues aren't going to be important.

I will not give a blanket "No, never!" to publishing anyone.

But feel free to keep freaking out and quoting him thinking this is somehow likely to ever happen, because it's hilarious.


So... did I say anything resembling that I'd love to work with Varg, or is David Hill willing to make up any lie to smear people he doesn't like?

This is absolutely typical of Hill's behavior, and he runs with a crowd that not only finds this acceptable and laudable, but often engages in similar behavior.

(this is posted here because it keeps getting deleted from G+)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Donate $50 or More to the ACLU, Get a Free LotFP Book

As of this writing we've already gotten over $3600 in donation receipts to be redeemed for books. Well over 400 books still available in the offer.

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