Sunday, February 14, 2021

Call for New Collaborators! Video + Notes

 'allo all!

Here's the new video call for collaborators:

Now that was done on the spur of the moment with no prep, so maybe a few coherent words about this with less drama queen presentation.

LotFP is kind of in a space where it's all "mad genius" creations (or wannabe mad genius, you decide) where everybody takes forever to do things and we come up with things which I understand are... weird.

As advertised.

But we've also fallen into a thing where the books are all FANCY-ASS BIG PRODUCTION VALUES, or attempts at such. That'll be true for the next release cycle. We've got insane things in the works.

Therefore, LotFP has a big proportion of sales going to collectors and readers. And LotFP also has this reputation for (among other things) having kill-happy unwinnable adventures (which is, by the way, pure bullshit).

This is all rather uninviting for new and unfamiliar players and Referees curious about the game, so I am told. And we want new Referees and players to be checking things out.

So this call for writers and artists is not only to "pump out product". It's to regularly release a certain type of product:

Less fancy production values that are shorter, sit-down-and-play-sized adventures. Think Idea from Space or Tower of the Stargazer. Maybe keeping to more familiar and traditional adventure formats, and less pretentious concepts, but still keeping the LotFP atmosphere. Maybe "weird" and not "utterly bizarre."

You know, stuff that people who aren't hip deep in this shit might actually take a chance on.

If we can get those sorts of things coming out regularly, and keep up on the fancy-ass high(er)-concept material for the real maniacs a time or two a year, then maybe we'll have a happy healthy thing happening again. Because I don't think we can have a business built around just the smaller accessible material, and doing just the once-a-year-cycle fancy stuff involves enormous risk and an unstable feast-or-famine life.

So if you're a writer or artist who has some neat ideas, a an-do work ethic, and the willingness to work on a royalty basis (I repeat: we have never lost money on a book!), get in touch: