Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Word About Vornheim

I've been talking Grindhouse this, Grindhouse that, but there soon will be another release coming as well... Vornheim!

My view on Vornheim is that it's not really a prep tool, it's a game tool. It doesn't tell you how to build a city. When the players are at the table, the game is in progress and happening, that's when you open up Vornheim and use it.

How to get from here to there even if neither here nor there are listed on a map? NPC relationships? Stats for that random encounter just rolled? How that tavern is different from the one across the street? It'll take you longer to use the table of contents to go to the right page than it will to generate the info once you're there.

Really, when I was offered the chance to be involved with the project (sight unseen, mind you) my thinking was "Zak's cool. And popular. Axe tie-in. Goldmine! YES!" Now the project's in layout and my thinking is "This book is great! Goldmine! YES!"

This isn't going to be The Final Word in city gaming, but I think it's going to change how city gaming is approached. It's that good. It's that useful.

Plus there will of course be a sizable amount of material about the "real" Vornheim as run by Zak.

Zak's taking final requests for content here. What do you need DURING city-based gaming? Best tell him real soon.


  1. Looking forward to this too. Been a fan of the Axe gang ever since I stumbled across Zak's blog via EN World. Been an avid reader ever since and I wait in eager anticipation for both the Grundhouse Edition and The Vornheim book :)

  2. A tie in between Zak and Lamentations? WONDERFUL