Friday, March 4, 2011

The Magic Item Contest Winner is...

Malefic Eye of Putrescence
(by Johnathan Bingham)
Also called The Evil Eye, the Stink Eye, and Dead Eye and other more unsavory appellations. This magical device is the province of depraved magic users delving into the dark necromantic arts. The Malefic Eye of Putrescence is created from the left eye of a magic user who has practiced the dark arts and died as a result of meddling in such matters (often as a result of wielding this loathsome item). The Malefic Eye of Putrescence can only be used by a magic user that removes his or her own left eye and replaces it with this heinous artifact. Upon so doing, the magic user immediately suffers a permanent -2 penalty to their Charisma score as now they are unmistakably marked as being aligned with the malignant arts of necromancy. The Malefic Eye appears as an occluded and jaundiced eye as if from a diseased dead man. Further, once the eye is replaced, the magic user must make a save versus poison or suffer the effects of the evil eye himself. Once the eye is in place, the wielder possesses the ability to literally cast a withering gaze at his opponents. This gaze will require the victim to succeed at a save versus poison or die horribly by rotting away from the inside and ultimately ending as a putrid pool of reeking offal. All others within a 20' radius must save versus poison of be nauseated for 1d10 rounds (-1 penalty to attack and damage). Each daily use of the gaze forces the magic user to save versus poison at a progressively worse level or lose one point of constitution as the Malefic Eye slowly causes the wielder to putrefy. For example, an 11th level magic user would need to save at 9 on the first daily use or lose a point of Constitution. The second daily use would step them back and they must make an 11 to save. Upon the third (and successive) daily use, they would save at 13. In the event that the wielder is reduced to zero constitution, they are reduced to a noisome pile of rotting offal except of the malefic eye, which will remain unharmed and ready to be wielded by another caster.
Another tough selection process, lots of good and unusual stuff.

Download the PDF with all of the 35 entries here.

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  1. Congrats on your Stink Eye, Johnathan.

  2. Congrats to the winner! Now I'm curious if eyeball plucking was some sort of theme...

  3. Funny that two people entered magical torcs (me and another fellow)!

  4. Yay.
    Congratulations to ol' Stink Eye Johnny and thanks for running the contest. Fun stuff!

  5. I was wondering how my deliberately confusing submission of 3 items with similar names but different functions might play out (answer: not well at all). But I'm glad to lose to that eye. It's even nastier than having a person's skin as holy writ could ever be...

  6. Wow, that's a pretty good eye. I wonder where I can get me one.

  7. @Taketoshi - It will be in the book, which mean you can buy one at any local magic item shop in LotFP-land. Right Jim?!?!?!