Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vornheim: Golden Crown Award Winner!

Best Supplement for a Role-Playing Game over the last TEN YEARS!

Read about it here!

There are still print copies of Vornheim available out there in distro-land, and of course PDFs are available from where they've always been available from.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LotFP Crowdfunding Updates

LotFP Hardcover: Layout complete, interior artwork in progress.

Qelong: Interior layouts complete, interior artwork in progress.

Seclusium: In Layout

Broodmother: Text and rough maps submitted, waiting to slot this in to some actual play so it can go into layout as soon as Seclusium's layout is done.

Towers Two: I've seen outlines, no draft yet but Brockie's in almost daily communication with me about his progress.

Horror Among Thieves: Kelvin's played it, showed off a lot of art and maps for it, I'm still awaiting the text.

Rob Conley's Civil War Sandbox (bonus item): Conley and I are in contact, work is progressing, no final draft yet.

Adventure #10 (bonus item): Text is complete and edited. Just needs layout; this will be an art-free project.

Early Modern Supplement: I admit I don't consider this a *front burner* project because the Monolith/God that Crawls backers already received more pages than promised, but they will get this supplement at no cost when it's ready. Rich Longmore is in the middle of a massive art order for this book (on hold until he finishes Qelong) and it will be a 64 page book.

You might want to look at this concerning things happening next month that I mentioned last summer. I'd wait on it if I could, but it is time sensitive. Nobody working on any of the above projects will be involved and plenty of perks will be delivered at the campaign's end.

If you ever have questions, you've got a bunch of contact info for me on the right side there just under the blog banner.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Plug Plug! Sorcerer Kickstarter + Grindhouse PDF Sale!

First up, 8 days left in the Sorcerer Upgrade Kickstarter. $25 + shipping gets you TWO BOOKS (rulebook + supplements book) and it's funded so no guessery about the whole thing.

Bbbuuuutttttt... one of the $50 perk levels is this: "If 20 people pledge for this reward, then Jim Raggi and [Ron Edwards] conduct an unrehearsed, topic-unlimited, candid, and complete conversation to be posted online."

Sound good to you? Go for it.


The LotFP Grindhouse set is 40% off over at DriveThruRPG as part of their New Year, New Game promotion. Sale lasts until January 14.

Remember if you order the Grindhouse Edition now (in any format), you can re-download the PDF when the art and everything is ready for the new layout.