Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two More Grindhouse Pics... The Good, the Bad, The REALLY UGLY

Two pics, both by Amos Orion Sterns. The second one is one of the more extreme examples of how far the art goes.

But before that, something a bit safer. This portrays Alice (pre-Tutorial adventure) taking on a couple of elves. I told Amos to look at the Alien designs (as in the Ridley Scott film) to use as inspiration for the elf armor. We get two birds with one stone here: Show Alice being bad-ass, and show the elves in a different way than they're traditionally presented.

That's a heptacle, not a Star of David. And clerics don't have to use blunt weapons in Weird Fantasy Role-Playing, but why not have a traditional cleric weapon for the cleric?

Last chance to bail before the bad, evil pic that will ruin your childhood. Scroll on... if you dare!

I call this one Cult of the Fertility Goddess:

My wife was utterly speechless when she saw it. It was glorious. After she recovered, she then pointed out that, in her professional opinion (she's a midwife that's good enough that she speaks at midwifery conferences out here), this is not an accurate representation of the childbirth process.

(I have a feeling my wife's going to get a few more "You must be a very patient person" comments at cons - someone actually said that to her when we went to Dragonmeet :D)

This isn't the worst the Grindhouse Edition has to offer (there are a couple absolutely humorless pieces that might genuinely disturb), but it's the most over-the-top. That was the point of it.

The core idea for the pic was inspired by Savage Sword of Conan #161 (the sequel story to Valley of Howling Shadows), plus, you know, some adventuring stuff happening up top.

You have my permission to begin frothing at the mouth and telling me that you're outraged that I'm trying to destroy the gaming community by releasing such filth.


  1. I'm outraged by the fact that there are too few RPGs with such disturbing art pieces! I wish there were more Kult RPGs when I started.

  2. I agree with Il Male! I think the second picture looks great from a swords and sorcery angle. Dancing, naked ladies worshiping a grotesque god and a thief trying to plunder their relics. Whats not to like?

  3. It's the internet. People get outraged over normal things, so I was just being cautious over something that's certainly not normal...

  4. what was supposed to offend me? Just jesting.

    I laughed when I read "This isn't the worst the Grindhouse Edition has to offer (there are a couple absolutely humorless pieces...)" This piece is humorous?

    I'm thinking the guy on the altar is like "Oh, cool, five naked beauties dancing around me" until the ritual dagger was thrust into his gut.

    I have several of the Savage Sword Omnibuses that are out; will have to look for the inspiring pic.

    Good stuff.

  5. Love your take on elves. I've been drifting that way myself for years now.

  6. I can't help but wonder: did that thief who's attempting to purloin those gemstone nipples know before he went after them with both hands that they were priceless stones? ;D

  7. >>This piece is humorous?

    I don't think it's a particularly serious piece...

    >>I have several of the Savage Sword Omnibuses that are out; will have to look for the inspiring pic.

    At the number of issues they put into each volume, it's going to be 7 or 8 more before they get to the issue with the inspiring story.

  8. The clitoris is probably magical.

  9. after watching my wife push out two of my spawn, that nsfw pic honestly looks tame in comparison.

  10. Every time a player tries to pic up a tavern wench, I'm gonna show him that pic!

  11. Naw... that isn't offensive at all...
    Now, a big Larry Elmore tableau? THAT would be offensive!

  12. Dammit, people, you're going to lull me into some false sense of security where I'm going to feel free to have ideas out RPG content and presentation without worrying about the torches and pitchforks coming out.

  13. Dude, its just not that offensive. Good luck next time. A for effort. ^_^

  14. Fine then.

    Coming Soon: Nazi Kid-Diddlers who Protest Soldiers' Funerals!


  15. I don't know but there is something humorous and seriously messed up and creepy in the second picture, maybe it's the frolicking around merrily while their killing the dude.

    Like that old Wicker Man movie or bad puns in Nightmare on Elmstreet series.

  16. I love the stealthy thief in the background.