Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Devil Face Issues 1 and 2 Now Available!

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Green Devil Face #1

Green Devil Face #1 is a funhouse dungeon adventure by James Edward Raggi IV featuring over 50 detailed areas to be used as-is, or custom-fitted for your traditional fantasy game.

The dungeon itself is a collection of deadly traps, wild encounters, and unlikely situations, roughly themed to be poking fun at the traditional gaming scene. In this adventure, players can:

See a microscopic basilisk
Help a stoneworker understand carpentry
Explore the Hall of Many Pains
Meet Arne and learn about his son
Travel through time to the Vietnam War
Discover secrets of the Mad Mage!
... and much more...

Green Devil Face #1 was originally released as Fantasy Fucking Vietnam. It has a different layout, a new cover, and a new introduction, but the adventure itself is unchanged.

Originally written as a 0e adventure, Green Devil Face #1 is immediately compatible with all 0e, 1e, and Basic games and their clones.

28 pages.
3,00€, including postage.

Green Devil Face #2

Green Devil Face goes Community! A variety of traps, challenges, and tests of bravery from a number of authors come together between two perilous covers! Included in this issue:

The Eyes of Parsifur and Dunsane by Kent
Doppelganger Trap Room by Akseli Envall
Mummy Tar Trap Room of Death by Akseli Envall
Temple of Water by Akseli Envall
The Pylis Prison by J. Brian "Trollsmyth" Murphy
The Gem in the Skull by James Edward Raggi IV
The Hallway That Does Not Exist by James Edward Raggi IV
The Lever by James Edward Raggi IV
The Lumberjack is Not OK by James Edward Raggi IV
The Incredible Pedestal by Jeff Rients
Yet Another Stupid Giant Chessboard by Jeff Rients
Hungry Little Mammon by Wayne S. Rossi

Although intended for oe, 1e, and Basic games and their clones, Green Devil Face #2 is largely stat-free and thus easily used with any fantasy RPG.

24 pages.
3,00€, including postage.


  1. Purchased both! Can't wait to shamelessly pillage them for ideas for my own campaigns!

  2. Just put in my order for both, Jim. They look great!

  3. Order submitted. I may not know much, but I know value for money when I see it. ;)

    "It shall be mine!"

  4. Thanks again to everyone that's ordered so far.

    In the Presentation Does Matter section, I sold more Green Devil Face #1s the first five hours it was available than I sold FFVs in the five months it's been available.

    Between that and the realization that my toned down intro in the Goodman Games version of the Creature Generator was much much much better than the version I published myself, while saying the exact same thing... maybe I need a lie-down and a warm glass of milk before deciding how to present my creations.

  5. Heh, came out to $6.66 in us dollars for both issues.

  6. Isn't this just typical.

    It's just a one-day thing, so I bet most of you won't even notice, but I thought I should keep people up to date.

  7. As always, an initial release goof... I erred in my cost calculations, so I'm taking a bit of a loss on each copy instead of netting a quarter off each one...

    Current price will stay in effect until midnight Finland time tonight, at which time I will increase the price to 3€ an issue (that works out to about a 64 cent US price increase each issue).

    One day I will have a perfect rollout. :)

  8. "Green Devil Face" = coolest title for a RPG periodical ever.

  9. Too effing cool. As I said, I will buying a few copies in June for TARGA gifts.