Saturday, April 25, 2009

Death Frost Doom Artwork... and more!

New module is coming along splendidly. It's a combination of two adventures I've run before. Today is taken up with a TARGA call and making a One Page Dungeon entry (which, again, has seen actual play).

Here is the artwork that will be used for the cover (the cemetary) and one interior piece (one more to go), both by Laura Jalo:

The plan is when it is completed to send a sample copy off to a few online vendors and see if they'll be interested in picking it up. If so, it'll be a bit more expensive to cover the profit margins for me and them but hopefully it'll result in more total copies sold. If not, it'll be cheaper but just sold by me so likely far less sold.

Either way, Insect Shrine people will be able to get it direct from me for the cost of shipping + Paypal fee, and any profits from the thing go towards Insect Shrine costs (art costs mainly, these pieces here are a lot cheaper than the Insect Shrine pieces because they are done on A4 instead of A3 paper, meaning a lot less detail and time needed).


  1. whoah these zombies look sort of like dolls. Their skin(what's left of it) is all smooth and unblemished.

    Must have been cold damage that got'um...

  2. Weird (in a good way).

  3. I love that first image of the snow and the mountain. Good luck with this endeavor!

  4. I must say that art is good - and I say it as one whose usual reaction to fantasy artwork ranges from 'meh' to 'get this thing out of my book'.

  5. Yeah, I really do like Laura's art. It's not technically perfect, but those imperfections create at the same time a surreality and a bit of "medievalness" (notably how her treatment of perspective seems to me often similar to that of medieval artwork)