Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Devil Face: What It Is and How You Can Contribute!

The Green Devil Face is a classic fantasy RPG trap. It’s obvious and out in the open, so no rolls need to be made to find it. It’s obviously odd, so players will spend time thinking (and arguing!) about what to do about it. And when some poor sucker sticks his head inside, it’s no one’s fault but his own, his fate decided entirely by his own decision, without being able to blame bad luck or a crappy roll.

I’ve pasted a copy of the original Green Devil Face illustration to the front of my referee binder (which contains the inspirational and rules material I use when preparing adventures) to always remind myself that the best traps are left out in the open, daring the characters to come play with them.

Green Devil Face, the zine, is a community project. It is intended to provide traditional fantasy RPG referees with game material that can be inserted as-is into their games. Detail is encouraged to give the reader the exact sense of how the author would play the trap out in-game, and of course the referee reading it is free to use that or substitute his own ideas as appropriate.

If you have a particularly original or clever trap, room, item, or tricky situation that you’ve used in one of your games and that you would like to share, submit it for publication in a future issue of Green Devil Face. We can’t pay anything, but you keep the rights to your work, and you get to see your name in print. All contributors get a copy of the final finished printed product.

GDF is also in need of an original logo, plus it would be nice to feature original artwork in future issues, so budding artists out there are encouraged to submit material as well.

A new issues will be released whenever 28 pages of content are filled, so submit now, and submit often!

Copies of Green Devil Face may be purchased here. Submissions and inquiries should be sent to lotfp (at) lotfp (dot) com.


  1. Most of this is lifted right out of the introduction for issue #2. I'm crap at promotion, so if anyone has a suggestion of what to put here instead, I'd be glad to hear it!

  2. Goddamn it, I have not yet wanted to contribute to something like this, but now I'm getting the itch. I gotta dig out that old Thieves Market random encounter list of mine from back in the day...it rocked.

  3. when you say "logo", do you mean you're looking for a "masthead"?

  4. The big graphic title on the cover, not the editorial information inside (I've seen both called a "masthead").