Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Insect Shrine of Goblin Hill Artwork

All of the artwork is in. It'll still be a little bit (smart enough to not give any definite timeframe these days) before the module comes out because I have to raise the money to pay the artists (I was smart enough to make the agreement to pay upon publication) and get the darn thing printed up (no cheapiecrap printing for this!). The money for the pre-orders that were taken some time back went into replacing my computer when the old one died (seemed to be a legitimate expense, seeing as without a computer nothing would have ever happened with the project anyway).

So I'm one step closer to changing Insect Shrine of Goblin Hill from the shameful monkey eating my legs to the awesome gaming experience at your table.

Here are thumbnails of all the art pieces:

By Laura Jalo:

By Dan Berger:

By Diana Davidsson:


  1. I thikn the TreasureChest one is my favorite. And the FlamePrincessFairies are so you. Even the hair! :D

    There's a really obscure movie called Event Horizon. It's nothing of note in terms of plot or acting, but the DVD actually had something of value. In several sequences that were meant to flicker by faster than the brain could really fully process the images, there are some horrific scenes of torture. I remember struggling with the video tape when this thing first came out, because I *had* to see. Now that I have the DVD, I have the sequences timed so that I can pull them up and get ideas. I thought of this because of your torture chamber - the horror of these sequences might be worth looking at for future torture chambers.

  2. I'm quite familiar with Event Horizon. I saw it in the theater when it came out... I thought it was just some random sci-fi movie and had no clue about the actual plot. When my girlfriend at the time met me at the theater carrying a teddy bear to hold when she got scared, I wondered what was going on...

    I think the movie illustrates Warhammer's warp quite well, don't you?

    As far as the pictures... the cover is my favorite. I really hadn't effectively pictured the shrine entrance in my head, so seeing something so effective based on my written description blew me away.

    Berger's piece was originally to be the cover, but then again I had originally commissioned it in 2003 as the cover for the LotFP: RPG that never got past playtesting. I have a room in the module specifically to make use of the pic.

    The detail im the last two completed pieces, the Bone Hall and Engineer's Workshop, impress me as well. Can't wait to see what the fine details look like (Jalo's pics there have been taken with a digital camera, not yet scanned and I haven't seen the originals).

  3. James, this looks to be a most promising product! I'm really looking forward to being blown away by your module masterpiece.

  4. James, that's a movie that influences not a little bit of how I want to play demons and devils, as well as dark/higher magicks. There's just a level that humans wouldn't understand. I'm one of those that thoroughly enjoy EH and I watch it on occasion.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing this module.

  5. You've linked to Laura Jalo's DeviantArt page before. Amazing stuff. The goblin butcher shop scenes are downright eerie. I love it.

  6. I think the movie illustrates Warhammer's warp quite well, don't you?Yes, indeed. :D