Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If You're Going to Announce a Contest...

... get the prizes right. It's The Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role Playing Games and their Modern Simulacra. :P

And I will have Green Devil Face on the brain all day today.


  1. I can scarcely get a room description to fit on one page.

    Well, I use A5 pages.

    So I can scarcely get 2 room descriptions to fit on one standard page.

    And honestly only two of the prizes interest me at all (bundles of BHP, Fight On, and Knockspell print stuff), and even that is dependent on which BHP things are in the bundle... so putting the effort in to be brief wouldn't really gain much. :P

    If I get the Green Devil Face issues out in the next week as planned, would it be too late to throw a set in as prizes?

  2. I'd be happy to have you as a sponsor! We'd love to have GDF in the "metric ton" pile.