Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Quick Note While the Pleasure Slave is Proofreading


So close yet so far, and a perfect example of the little bubble we have thinking that information is so easy to come by. Hell, due to the guy's low post count the original poster could be a subtle troll.

I have a half-written post basically saying that there are wrong ways to play (in response to this - the lack of a One True Way doesn't equal a lack of many Really Damn False Ways) but decided I needed to be productive lately (Green Devil Face and then hopefully within two weeks a small module). I think creating a shopping list of qualities/stereotypes to authenticate an "old school 2e" experience is an express train to Not Getting It-ville.

I was going to say, "I think games worth playing are not bound to their release dates, and playing games for nostalgia purposes rather than just playing the game is just weird," but that's redundant redundant for anyone that's read this blog for 5 minutes, isn't it?


  1. A subtle troll??? Subtle as a club to the forehead methinks...

  2. If it was posted to Dragonsfoot or K&KA, I'd agree. But you never can tell with RPG.net...