Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I submitted a manuscript today. I've been working on it for most of the past month, included a complete scrapping and restarting from scratch when the first attempt was complete ass. Here's hoping it's accepted. More details as I know them.

I'll start on Green Devil Face stuff tomorrow, as I am on "visit the girlfriend's family and do things together" detail tonight!

I approved another Insect Shrine sketch, so after that's completed there's just one more art piece left... then it's all my fault again. :P

I received my print copy of the Open Game Table book yesterday. Aside from some bits of nappy artwork and a 4e monk entry that takes way too much space (and looking at all that crap in there to detail the class, how can one single person say that 4e is in any way related to the Dungeons and Dragons we all grew up with? For fuck's sake...), it looks really good. I hope this does what it is meant to do, because some of the stuff in there (the West Marches essays and Maliszewski's Gygaxian Naturalism article in particular, and not least my own contributions) needs to be read by as wide an audience as possible.


  1. "I approved another Insect Shrine sketch, so after that's completed there's just one more art piece left."

    Awesome! :D

  2. Insect shrine? Ah shit that sounds interesting. I've got a whole valley full of insectoids in the works for my setting.

  3. @James -- glad you liked it. For the record; while I could have taken all of chapter 8 OUT.. there was a panel of judges (independent judges) that wanted all the chapter 8 material IN - afterall, 4E is the 800 lb gorilla, right? and... there was just way way too much stuff in the RPG blogging community to not have a chunk devoted to it. The Monk is the most common complaint people have; but the other 9 chapters are worth it I hope. Now... if only some people would buy the damn thing so I can get out of this money pit! QUICK! someone throw me a 50' rope!

  4. I don't envy you the sales issue. You've got to figure out how to interest people who don't read blogs. Are you advertising in KoDT? Sent a review copy to them?

    Now I won't complain about 4e material being included in general, but I would think any game-specific rules material is going to be of limited utility to any specific reader. And that monk is overload!