Thursday, April 16, 2009

Online Game, Anyone?

It seems the Olden Domain campaign has stalled, so I'm wondering if there would be any takers if I wanted to run a game (probably using Labyrinth Lord) online?

I have no idea about technical issues at this point, but the thought was to use Skype and a private chatroom that's got a dice roller. Surely that wouldn't be difficult to set up, right?


  1. I'd be interested - cannot get enough
    gaming in. Are you thinking Skype for real-time chat? or is it the persistant chat history that is appealing?
    (I've used Skype, but only for 'normal' conversation - not gaming)

  2. Voice chatting. I want the chat window there for "secret" messages and the dice roller, but the actual running of the game would be done voice. Maybe even set up a webcam on my end since I do faces and talk with my hands a lot. :P

  3. I'd be interested, but wonder when a good time would be for the game? I suspect for those of us in the states, our best time would not jive with yours.

  4. I am very flexible as far as time. Sundays are out since my main game is that day. Saturdays would probably be best for everyone, but a weekday slot at 6pm Eastern or so, I think I could be up all night once a week for the sake of gaming. :D

  5. Excellent. I will send you an email. Thanks.

  6.'re talking about fancy technological stuff
    (voice...) - I would have to bow out owing to my primitive computer gear. Have fun!

  7. Not familiar with Labyrinth Lord, but I'm always down with enlarging my Skype network of potential gamers. I run all my games over skype text-chat.

  8. I would have loved to join up in this game...but I'm not sure my schedule will jive. How long are you looking to play for?

  9. I've been using Skype for games lately and it works pretty good, though you are limited to audio-only for multi-party conferences but that does not really make too big a difference to my mind. For mapping, one of my players has been using Excel to build a digital map that he can email around periodically to the rest of the group and that seems to work pretty well (it's a bit slower than hand drawing but not enough to be annoying). We tried having a free wipeboard also called up but it was causing Skype to lag a little and we never really used it for anything so we ditched it during the last session.

    Skype has all the big advantages: free and easy to use. All you need is a microphone and a decent internet connection.

  10. I've been using Maptools for one of my groups games and it's been working wonderfully. The only thing we run alongside it is Ventrilo because maptools does not have VO/IP but it does have a chat window if you don't want to run other programs. It's not for everyone though.

  11. A great little tool for doing up quick interactive maps is scriblink. It's definitely worth a check out .

  12. I'll be looking over all the technology suggestions soon. Still formatting (and doing graphics... ugh) for the second Green Devil Face. And I kind of forgot I should have an entry or two in there. :P

  13. Scriblink was the wipebopard I used with aforesaid issues. It seemed like a good idea bt did not quite work out, though that might have been the connection speed of one or more of my players!

  14. Here's another possibility: Fantasy Grounds II. It already has an LL character sheet built in so players can easily share their info with you. It has a dice roller, chat function, map-sharing capabilities, etc. I use it to play C&C and it works well.

    For some, the drawback is that it cost $24.

    If you decide to have a Euro-friendly time during the week, I could be in.

  15. If you want a good play by post option, check out

    It is free and basically a blank slate platform with secure die rollers, mapping tiles, etc...

    Great community as well, has been up and running strong for several years now.

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