Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vin Diesel on Jimmy Kimmel Tells Us Something Vital About Gaming

There have been a few of these videos going around, as D&D gets brought up a lot during the current publicity tour. It's not important that Vin Diesel plays D&D (although it is fun watching him light up in a bashful manner talking about his characters on television, both in the US and UK!).

For our purposes, listen to why Jimmy Kimmel says he didn't stick with D&D (at about the 4:15 mark). I think that's
very important, and my players could tell you they don't lack for such things when playing at my place.


  1. I used to go to a boardgame night after work. No drinks were offered. No snacks were suggested. These were the kind of guys who probably would get mad if such things were in proximity to their games anyway.

    Didn't last long.

  2. I'm thinking that JimBob would not be surprised that opinion.

    I think that the loose and imaginative nature of RPGs is the perfect fit for snacks, goofing off, and generally enjoying the presence of everyone at the table. I understand that some folks are super serious and focused at the table, but I don't want that. I want good banter, and I want the chance to imagine and share that with my friends.

    I want snacks and everything that implies.

  3. I agree with James. Snacks and banter are the lifeblood and lymph fluid (?) of D&D respectively. I'm sort of amazed that there isn't a D&D snack blog, actually.

  4. WATER?! Nobody sitting at my table drinks water. We have a smorgasbord. With drinks. It is fun to see so much of the interview taken up by an rpg, although, half-drow?

  5. he lost me at half drow witch hunter.

  6. "half drow witch hunter"

    Are you surprised? This guy has MUNCHKIN written all over him in 12 ft high neon green caps.

  7. That was fun watching him talk about his experience. I think we have all played in some outrageous games, so I am ok with the half drow witch hunter.

    With that said, ya gotta have the food and drinks. When I am hosting, everyone gains 5 pounds at each session. When it comes to food, I do not mess around. We have the pizza, chips, candy, snacks, and cookies.