Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Green Devil Face Orders Update

All orders received since the last update went to the post office this morning.

The total sold is now 22 for #1 and 25 for #2.

Copies have already been received in North America as of yesterday, so if you were one of the first-day orderers, be on the lookout!


  1. I received mine yesterday in good order. I'll be giving it a good read this week/weekend and reviewing it next week.

    I'm already enjoying the first "encounter" - nasssssty, precioussssss... ssssss...

  2. I mailed those on Thursday, the day after the mini-postal strike here. And at least some copies made it to North America in FOUR DAYS. That's nuts.

  3. We have a nasty habit of not checking the mail but once every three weeks to a month or so. I guess I should check it, 'eh? (Especially so she doesn't point and say, "you're buying more gaming stuff?")

  4. Got mine in Australia yesterday, haven't had time to look yet.