Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updates on Order Shipping and the Shirts!

I shipped around 100 orders last week before heading to Gothenburg, I shipped 75 or so today, and hope to get the remaining >125 out the door tomorrow... but that may leak into Friday.

Basically, from this point forward if you place an order it'll ship out the next day.

Distributor orders go out early next week.

Orders with shirts in them won't ship until the shirts arrive, of course.

I had Zak and Amos' shirts shipped directly to them from the shirt people. They have received them and both give the shirts thumbs up.

I won't see them for probably another week though, but when I do, they and the orders they are attached to will ship the next day.

I should get the Frog God/S&W shipment out of customs tomorrow. They won't go up on the site immediately (no shipping supplies yet for that size book and there's a minor PDF issue to clear up), but soon. Very soon. I'll have six copies of ten different modules, plus over a dozen copies of the S&W Complete rulebook if everything's in order... those of you planning on buying lots of this stuff could get a bit of value out of joining the Gardening Society. Just saying.

I'm looking into the possibility of going to RPC Germany. Yeah, short notice. I'll know in the next couple of days.


  1. It would be nice to meet you (and your martyr-wife) at the RPC.

  2. The martyr-wife wouldn't be coming, she needs a bit more notice than this to get time off work...

  3. Jim -
    is there a way to find the status of our shipping, or is that too much of an issue right now? Thanks.

  4. Any order made before today has shipped unless a shirt was part of the order.

    (there are also three orders with address oddities that I'm waiting for responses about to make sure I ship to the right place)

    Any order made today will ship tomorrow... I have removed the "pre-order" marker from the store descriptions.

    Distro orders will ship Monday.

  5. Thanks for the quick reply sir - mine was made on the 1st, so it's just somewhere in transit. Look forward to the hard copy!

  6. I ordered the T-Shirts about a week after I ordered Grindhouse and Vornheim. Does it mean Grindhouse and Vornheim are on the way or do you sent them together with the T-Shirts?

  7. In that case the Grindhouse and Vornheim are on the way. If shirts were ordered separately, they ship separately.