Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Last Pause

The winners of the "Follow This and That" "contest" have been notified. Don't unsubscribe just yet - if someone doesn't respond I'll be picking new winners. And I'd really like to rock on Cyclopeatron's May rankings. ;)

Just up late dealing with art notes for Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown as I'll be busy these next couple weeks.

The Grindhouse books arrive tomorrow. Er, later today (Thursday). I'm terrified. I'm having nightmares about faded text and pixelated art and off colors. Thinking that the proofs were somehow not representative of the final product. I have some people coming to help haul boxes up to the apartment (the truck is going to drop pallets outside the front door) in exchange for pizza (how many hallmarks of a truly professional publisher can you find in that sentence?), but when it's all done I'll take pictures of both our hopelessly full apartment and the finished books.

Until then, I am in a state of EEK.

And some editorial:

I just had a pretty good pre-order drive exceeding my goal by 25% and I'm a fleaspeck sized RPG publisher. The Grindhouse box is selling faster than the last printing as well - what took the Deluxe box 6 weeks to sell, I just did in 2, counting direct orders only. And that's with an absolutely shit $/€ exchange rate right now, which makes all those US orders more impressive. (THANK YOU)

Evil Hat just started a Kickstarter drive for this Do game, set a $4000 goal, and has already raised $12,000+ in four days. Evil Hat's a rising star but not one of the big boys (I'd say at this point due to the slow release schedule more than anything else).

If the truly small publishers (in the RPG sense) can do five figure product opens, then the rumors of the RPG industry's death are...

... wait for it...

... greatly exaggerated.

As they always have been.

Good night.


  1. I am stoked that I have contributed in my small way (to wit: making with the credit card) to the rising starness of both LotFP GE /and/ Do!

  2. are going against ALL common gaming distribution wisdom, you fool!!!

  3. Eagerly awaiting the Box - the best RPG product I've seen so far, except for Stars Without Number, that is...