Saturday, April 30, 2011

Exquisite Corpses Work in Progress (plus other updates)

Looks like the monster template count for the book will be going from the first edition's 26 up to FORTY. Whew.

This book is going to use a special format: Hardcover + spiral binding, thick and heavy perforated page stock (the printer can not bind and completely cut the pages) for the color monster illustration pages. There is little point to presenting this project without the format. But these special formats are not the most inexpensive on Planet Earth.

Stephan and I will do everything we can to make this more amazing and useful and quick so the gaming utility matches the presentation.

This isn't going to be a throwaway novelty purchase, but the go-to at-the-table monster guide for your campaign.

Yes, we're setting an impossible standard over here at LotFP, but dammit, why shouldn't we?

(I could go on a speculative rant here about how the perceived decline of the tabletop RPG industry has a lot to do with widespread boring-ass low-quality book formats and navel-gazing boring-ass content, but that would show actual pride and ambition for the work I'm doing and want to do, and it's for some reason considered gauche to display pride and ambition for one's work these days, so I'll leave that rant for another time)

We're looking at a June print date on this one, but this is LotFP. Scheduling predictions are slightly less awesome than our books.


The shirts will be ready to pick up from customs on Tuesday afternoon, which means all shirt orders ship on Wednesday. Zak and Amos have already received their shirts and give the thumbs up. I can't wait to see them!

Grindhouse and Vornheim PDFs will go on sale as separate products tomorrow.

Ten different Swords & Wizardry books have arrived, are in stock, and will go on sale Monday once I have the shipping materials for them. Damn them letter-size US format books and their slight-but-rather-important difference from European A4 format!

Carcosa work continues but at a slower pace. These Grindhouse box assemblies are, as they say in the biz, kicking my ass. However, I've been floating the idea of providing a color cloth map for the first x number of orders. And maybe even a little metal thingy. Because games started to suck once they didn't come with cloth maps and little metal thingies, and I can't allow my stuff to suck. More on this as I discover feasibility.

The "Tuberculoids" project progress stopped the second books started to arrive, and that work is in a folder now. However, a shorter-form, more immediately useful product idea has occurred. More on that as it becomes something worth announcing.

(Trollsmyth noted that Vornheim is going to cause an ergonomic gaming revolution, and it certainly is changing the way I think about what projects to pursue and how to present the projects on the table now. JOIN THE ERGONOMIC GAMING REVOLUTION! BUY VORNHEIM!)


  1. Fantastic work!! I've been a big fan of Stefan's work. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Vornheim and Grindhouse (not to mention Carcosa). Keep up the great work pushing the edge. You are inspiring schlubs like me to take chances and do something different. Now, I'm off to finish my last batch of commissions so that I can work on some of my own crazy ass ideas ;).

  2. >>Keep up the great work pushing the edge.

    I'll keep doing it as long as people keep supporting it. Each release is basically succeed-or-die at this point. I just got the printing bill for the latest projects that is literally more than I've made in all but 3 or 4 years of my life.

    Scary but thrilling. :D

  3. Love the pictures. I'm adding it to my wish list already. Looking forward to seeing what other ideas you have.

  4. Got my Grindhouse and Vornheim one hour ago. It's awesome. Wow. I love both. Now I can't decide where to start. Anything new about RPC? I have to decide whether I order on monday or wait for the next weekend.

  5. I waited too long to check into going to the RPC; can't find a decently-priced flight, and money will be tight the next month or so. Won't be able to show up.

  6. Sorry about that. Perhaps I see you in Essen later this year. So I will order on monday.

  7. Put the tables and procedues for further generating the monsters (from the latter section of the original EC) on the backside of every perforated page!

  8. I have dutifully ordered Vornheim from my FLGS. I've not had good luck ordering your stuff that way in the past, but here's hoping.

  9. Warpath Games and IPR supply US stores with my stuff. I'll be shipping out to both of those suppliers on Monday.

  10. Blair: That was on my wish-list, too. I think it could not be done for some technical reason having to do with the perforated pages (correct me if I'm misremembering that, James).
    Someone emailed me privately and said they did not like the nudity in the book because his kids (or their mother) might not understand... but I doubt a PG rated version is feasible... so maybe after it comes out, if Jim is willing, I'll offer free pdf downloads of little pants, kilts, brassieres, etc., that you can print out, cut out and paste over the groins and breasts to make the book a little more family friendly --- how does that sound?

  11. A pdf download of pants, etc sounds absolutely hilarious. That the nudity is a problem for an adult (I can understand not wanting the kids to browse) is hilarious too...

  12. nice looking format;
    however, you should put something in the corner that indicates SCALE

    i.e., the sword on bottom right is
    three feet in length

    naturally the sword will be a different size
    for each monster / creature

  13. Clovis: In the original edition, scale and hit dice were given in the middle (torso) section. So if you placed a tiny pixie head on a giant's torso, the head could be considered 'resized' to fit the larger body. I suggested in the original edition that tattacks and damage and other effects from big heads on little bodies and vice-versa could be adjusted (so if you stuck a huge lizard head on a smaller body, the head would bite for less damage than it would have if it was on a large body--- if that makes sense). In the new edition, I hope to add a table or a formula to guide the decision of how much damage would change if the body part is re-scaled... but, given the widely ranging possible sizes, the user may also have to be willing to make the occassional judgement call.
    In addition, the "random special qualities" can make the entire creature larger or smaller, taller, etc.

  14. "I can picture grown men with nail scissors cutting out little panties and bras for their monsters. How very sweet!"

    (Wife's comment)

  15. I think that if the "fig leaf" download of paste-on underwear is done, it needs a photo-illustrated instruction section...