Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Am OLD (X-Men Related)

I used to be a huge comic freak. The X-Men were my favorites.

When I started on X-Men, Scott Summers was already married, and Kitty Pryde was older than me. I used to have a crush on Kitty Pryde.

So I'm bored this morning and channel flipping, and something called X-Men Evolution is on. I'd long given up on comics before there was ever an X-Men cartoon and I don't think I've ever seen one.

It's not dubbed!
I can watch.

Oh. It's about Wolverine. Shit.

Still, all the X-Men besides Wolverine are kids. KIDS. Then I realize, "Oh yeah, they were pretty much all supposed to be young students back then. Except for Wolverine. And Banshee. And Thunderbird. And Sunfire. But you get the idea.

I never got the sense, not in the 80s X-Men anyway, that Nightcrawler or Rogue were teenagers. And I'd stopped reading before I recognized myself as older than Shadowcat, and she's definitely way too young in this cartoon, but that's how old she was supposed to be back when I was reading (Claremont was pretty crap at the whole "writing a teenager" thing, wasn't he?).


... and now on is something called Batman the Brave and the Bold. Teaming up with Sherlock Holmes fighting occult powers? Goddamn this is violent.

(Wait, that's Diedrich Bader? Evil Alien Conquerors is one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies. :D)

What the hell happened to cartoons these past 25 years?

(you can all stop laughing now)


  1. Damn Wolverine, why is everything about him. Gah!

    Where is Colossus??? Comics are a strange thing, we evolve (age) and the characters in the comics never do, or they do, then get younger somehow, are killed, then come back...oh hell, I give up.

  2. If you want a "good" Marvel comic cartoon, Watch Avenger: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

  3. I agree with Louis. I recently got ahold of all 5 sets of the original X-MEN cartoon. Let me just say it hasn't aged well. THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD is suprisingly good, for using obscure DC characters, but also EXTREMELY campy. My money is still on the various iterations of JUSTICE LEAGUE as the best DC cartoon (although BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES is mighty damn good as well). I never did see their Superman or the OTHER Batman series.

    As for Marvel... there was a half-decent Iron Man cartoon a couple years ago, but I can't figure out if it was the 1994 series, or the Armoured Adventures series. I remember watching a couple of episodes that had a young Tony Stark facing off against Blizzard, and it was QUITE good.

  4. Spectacular Spider-Man was an awesome cartoon too. Easily the best Spider-Man cartoon ever done.

    X-Men Evolution took a while to grow on me, but it really is good if you can get past the first few episodes.

    The new Avengers is indeed good. The new Young Justice is not so good.

    I have my daughter hooked on the original Jonny Quest. The one where they didn't have problems with people dying. It also has one of the best theme songs ever. My daughter wants to grow up to be an action hero.

  5. Yeah, there have been lots of good superhero cartoons made over the last two decades, but, imo, none of them had the x-men in them. I'd like to second the suggestions for The Justice League stuff- especially from the second season on. The same team of animators and writers did work on the Batman and Superman animated series from the 90's, which are also very enjoyable. Spectacular Spiderman is great if you like Spiderman (my boys love it, but the soap opera aspect of it wears me down) Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is the best of what is currently available and it a lot of fun.

  6. What the hell happened to cartoons these past 25 years?

    They became awesome.

  7. (although BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES is mighty damn good as well).

    The first iteration of it is the best cartoon in the history of animation. In english, anyway. And I'll fight anyone who says otherwise!

  8. One of my favorite issues of Excaliber was one in which the evil Sat-Yr-9 (in disguise as Cap Brit's significant other, natch) helps Kitty celebrate her 16th birthday, I think it was. Which lays the groundwork for the rest of the team to be captured and Kitty to go all "Wolverine" on people in a later issue, which was always fun.

  9. Cool! I knew there had to be one other person out there who liked Evil Alien Conquerors!

  10. Kids' entertainment in the U.S. during the 70s and 80s kinda sucks... in general. Older stuff I can get into... the newer stuff is pretty damn cool... so I'm more wondering why the stuff from MY childhood was crap.

  11. Go to Hulu

    Watch Astonishing X-Men

    Thank me later