Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kenneth Hite: "Vornheim is the Sex Pistols covering Ptolus"

GothCon is over and done with.

Didn't do too bad, I hit my goals, but it's still frustrating to be "internet famous" (for certain values of "internet famous") and then I go somewhere and almost nobody knows who I am. Ropecon will be the first con where I return as a vendor and it will be interesting to see if there's a difference in response.

Goblin Games and Sci-Fi Bokhandeln (at least the Gothenburg location) are now carrying LotFP stuff in Sweden.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Fallen Games and their Fallen Reich game. Go look at that link. Their table was magnificent and drew all eyes to it. Top-quality physical product, great unified look to the products, the tagline "Can Evil Be Stopped In Time For Tea?" on T-shirts, the people manning the tables dressed like 1930s Brits... just magnificent. Just one glance and you got what the game was about, the tone, everything.

If the printing of either the main book or the optional character creation boardgame were half-assed or done on the cheap, it wouldn't have been half as impressive. But you could see the loving care the creators bestowed upon the entire project. It just screamed "CLASS!!!" (as much as true class actually screams, I guess). I haven't played it of course, but reading through the book it seems to follow through on the promises that its exterior makes.

I am also turning into a boring publishing professional. As I made my rounds around the vendor room and checked out the other small publishers' works, I was feeling the paper, checking the binding, looking at layouts and artwork not for the effect but for technical quality.

Kenneth Hite was there, and not only did he seem impressed with the production upgrades of the new LotFP box, and he really likes Vornheim. Never hurts to get "celebrity" endorsement.

As I said before I left, the full Vornheim print run didn't arrive on Wednesday. Those that did arrive were for the most part shipped out that evening, I brought some to Gothenburg, and I still have some packed up and ready to go here.

Tomorrow (Monday) is a holiday. Can't mail squat. The other 95% of the Vornheim print run is supposed to arrive Tuesday, so I can't be off mailing anything until that comes. Likely won't get to the post office by the time that's unloaded and brought up to the apartment. The wife (and therefore the car) won't be available during business hours Wednesday, so in all likelihood, the next mass shipment will go out Thursday, and the hope is all outstanding orders will go out then. Or at least the ones not including T-shirts, although those should be arriving any day now as well.

Then I can take the damn pre-order tags off the store and after that orders can be mailed as they come in.


I'm off to bed, but back to work in the morning catching up on emails and continuing the assemble the Grindhouse boxes.


  1. You left Gothcon before I could make up my mind to buy or not. But after a closer view at the contents of a friends LotFP-box I realize my mistake. It all seems to be high quality fun and I will order my own copy soon. The "Rules and Magic" Cover might be the best rpg-cover I have seen during more than 15 years of gaming.

    Have you tried to sell your game to "Collectors point" in Umea, northern Sweden? It might have Swedens largest rpg range.

  2. I am very excited for the Grindhouse Edition.

  3. Quick question about the banner:

    Are those legs inside the snake skin, attached to the "person"?

  4. Those are not legs... looks like a bit of an illusion just based on where I cropped the image for the banner.