Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Boxes Have Arrived!

The books to fill those boxes are supposed to be delivered on Friday. The dice have been here for months and the character sheets and OGL sheet have been here for almost two weeks now. When the books arrive I'll start putting the boxes together (all the boxes besides the one on display are still flat).

Vornheim will be here Tuesday or Wednesday next week, then we go to GothCon. When we return, we'll start preparing the pre-orders for shipment, and that will start once the shirts arrive, hopefully soon after.

Those pictures of how much of a mess this apartment was last year during box assembly? Haha, that was less than a third the number of boxes I'm doing now, plus I have another product arriving as well.

Fun, fun times, if you don't ask my wife what she thinks of the arrangement.

(buy buy buy for her sake!)