Saturday, April 2, 2011

Updates on Things!

First off, WOW. Thank you guys. This is CRAZY.

Announcement: A typo in Grindhouse has been found. thanks so much. I remember the days when I had to get it back from the printer before finding one. :P

By my rough count, and I may be off by one or two, but there are seven Rulebook Combo Offers left to be had.

Yes, there are issues with the PDFs, what with me being all cute and selecting seldom used fonts. That'll teach me. I won't be able to sit down and take a good look at the issue until Monday. In the meantime, there are threads for the PDF issues for both the Grindhouse and Vornheim books in the LotFP Forum. If you have an issue that's not listed there, describe what your issue is in the appropriate thread. When the issue is fixed, of course you can re-download it.

Any other questions or issues, email me or put them in the comments.

Discussion of content or art or anything like that, to the forum!

(Breaking news: Sucker Punch may be the worst movie I've ever seen!)

I'm off to bed... 5:30am... blleehh!


  1. Then you haven't seen very many movies.

  2. That a bit of an exaggeration. Actually the movie playing just after it (Finnisterrae) was much, much, worse. But Sucker Punch probably had one million times the budget (not an exaggeration) and I think that should be counted. You give someone a ton of resources and they produce crap, that should count against them more than if someone had nothing and produced crap.

    I say this with no exaggeration: Sucker Punch was a worse movie than House of the Dead.

  3. House of the Dead was *BAD*... is Sucker Punch "so bad it's good" or is it just the comicbook guy wank material it looks like?

  4. I'm trying to think of one good thing to say about the movie but I can't think of anything.

    I think the best comparison might be "Teletubbies for an older target audience." It was a bunch of flashy, incoherent shit that stumbles around on the screen for awhile.

  5. Ah, so it's like the Transformers movies with women substituted for robots!

    Thanks for the warning. . . it's hard to believe that director Zack Snyder is the same guy who did the Dawn of the Dead remake, which is no Romero film but was still pretty damn decent. Since then it's all been downhill.

  6. I totally agree about Sucker Punch. It was a total disappointment, and made even worse because Snyder has so much potential.

    I blogged about it here as part of my 3-day Weekend of Geekin' last weekend: