Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Body Count: 1

Tower of the Stargazer went well, with 5 of the 7 levels explored (only 28 total areas, not a huge thing).

It was the same crew that did the Insect Shrine last fall, minus one, but with one new guy as well. He says he just has prior experience with World of Darkness.

There were a lot of close calls with saving throws throughout the night, but... the new guy's character was the only one who died. By a poison needle trap in a treasure chest.

He made a new character and rejoined the exploration. He says he'll be back next week though, so slaughtering him didn't seem to affect his enjoyment.

The adventure performed well, I think. It's still all on note cards so there were a few things I forgot to mention in their proper place ("Oh yeah, there's also a podium with a book!") but otherwise everyone seemed to enjoy the Weird Science aspect.

The rules at this point still have more holes than Swiss cheese, but that was to be expected. It would be great to just write the stuff and print it, but in the real world all this stuff needs to be played (and in the case of rules, a decent bit!) between those two steps. It's being done as it should. The next version of the rules should be a considerable improvement. (keep the comments coming, I read them all and keep them handy when revising things)

No game on Sunday (Easter... bleh), but we'll be back Wednesday to finish this adventure up.

I'm about 2/3rds of the way through Dan Simmons' The Terror, which is more fitting for my purposes than I had thought going in. Lots of juicy details about the running of ships. Two large books came in yesterday from Amazon UK, and of course I've got all the links you guys posted here when I asked for help, so development on that adventure should be happening quite soon too. I won't need all this detail, not by far, but having it in mind should allow me to make an exploration adventure (and maritime rules) that aren't completely bogus.

Should be plenty of time still to get that written and played before press time though.

... and I still need another revision of the Tutorial book, and the first completed draft of the Referee book isn't finished

Lots has been done, and lots still to do!


  1. The Terror was a really good read, but so amazingly brutal. I felt completely wrung out by about the halfway point, and it just kept getting more grueling from there.

  2. A write-up of the session here: