Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sounding the Call Part 2

I need a bit of help.

I am going to have a Recommended Reading pamphlet in the box set. Unfortunately, my skill at describing particular authors turns out to be pretty crappy and it's become frustrating me to sit down and try. I am not a succinct literary critic, and this is hardly the section of the project to bog myself down in.

So, you can do it!

Here are the authors to be profiled:

Clive Barker
RE Howard
Fritz Leiber
HP Lovecraft
Edgar Allan Poe
Clark Ashton Smith
Jack Vance
Jules Verne
HG Wells

(I've got Tolkien covered; that was easy.)

What I want from you: 350 - 500 words with notes of who the author is and the relevance of the author's work to fantasy role-playing, in particular highlighting the weird elements, along with a selection of recommended stories.

What you'd get from me: 5€ per entry, paid on acceptance of the text or as a discount off the box when it goes on sale, your choice. Sorry, can't provide full contributor copies for this. (and 1 cent/word is not an unheard-of rate in this business...)

Contact me before writing anything! I'd of course be sticking my editorial hands in when appropriate.

Contact info over there on the right below the sales pitch. (The hotmail address is not for email.)

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