Thursday, April 1, 2010

Announcing a New Project

When the box set comes out this summer, I need a small thing to come out before immediately throwing out larger projects like Insect Shrine or the Sanitarium or Death Ferox Doom afterwards.

I was having trouble thinking of what it should be.

I have trouble no more.

Love, Sweetness, and Light

A short work with three separate scenarios:

What Happened to the Ravencrosses?
A young couple is married and moves to the city to build their new life. Their coach arrives, but they do not. The authorities have decided the couple simply ran off to foreign lands with the sizable salary advance paid to the young Mr. Ravencross by his employer-to-be. The couple's families, under threat of suit to recover this money, don't believe it and beg for assistance.

Robber barons, union-busting, and the Perfect Crime.

The Sleepy Village
Three priests assigned to Carrot Meadows (the friendliest darn village in the realm) have died in quick succession, reportedly of natural causes. The Church has received information that something more sinister is happening, but has received this information from rather improper sources, so a member of the hierarchy decides to hire outsiders to investigate the matter, off the record of course...

Way of the Dragon
A truly modular segment for your larger dungeon complex: A multi-room puzzle to unblock the way to the next level (or a great treasure, or whatever you like) based on the colors of dragons.

I expect this to be 12 or 16 pages. The Sleepy Village and Ravencrosses? are good for level 1 and 2 characters, Way of the Dragon for levels 3 - 5.


  1. I salute the change of direction with a big glowing smile. More maturity is well needed by our stories.

    Your contribution for the new Tell On! surprised me as well, by the way.

  2. I Respect Your Feelings as a Woman and a Human.

  3. And remember now, 1 XP for each gold piece you share with the class.