Saturday, March 13, 2010

Totally Worthless Post

Mr. Old School Rant needs to open up his comments. Having to respond to his stuff like this just seems lame. Ah well.

  • I have only a passing familiarity with the Tharizdun module. Would it really have helped for me to respond to that post with "I have no idea what the hell you're on about"?
  • No, I didn't take you off the blog roll. Are you delusional or just paranoid?
  • After yesterday's post, I logged off, walked to another printer, talked with them for a good while, and walked back. Note that first comment was posted more than two hours after the post itself. While the dog makes working from home a pain in the ass sometimes, it also means I don't have to keep office hours and can take a mid-day rest if I damn well please.
  • Yes, I could use some help, which is why I'm farming out all the artwork and cartography (which is all paid work, if meagerly) and now have two editorial helpers volunteering in exchange for finished product. I'll announce other "open positions" when appropriate (anyone want to write entries for my Reading Guide? :P).

And if you wonder why I bother to respond, well, the 'twat' thing triggered a 33% increase in blog traffic which has continued even through days with no arguments and no posts. So let's see what this one does. :P


  1. Bloglists are unreliable, or as my granma would say if she was still around, they're 'jinky'. Sometimes they don't update for hours. Sometimes it makes it look like someone's dropped off the list.

    Oh, and I'd happily help you out with entries for your reading guide :)

  2. Mr. Raggi,

    Please understand that my heckling is not meant to imply that you aren't doing enough.

    It IS meant to illicit a response. Not from you, but from people who could/would help out or pay attention to the multitude of small, bullshit frustrations that make your blog so compelling.

    A pissed off post by you at 4:47 pm, and a response offering to help at 5:11 pm. You're Welcome.

    As for Tharizdun, note that kicking up a fuss gets you, Mr. Kuntz, and myself some attention. Again, the larger goal is getting the word out using unorthodox (and occasionally impolite) means. Given that you are THE premier horror adventure module writer in my eyes, I just assumed that you were virtually an expert on Tharizdun, the original module, and the disasterous misuse of the entity in later incarnations. I completely apologize for that assumption if that lead to offending you.

    As for traffic, note that I could care less about my blog. I don't even track anything. I'm absolutely thrilled that anything I can do can add traffic to both popular blogs like yours and tiny blogs that perhaps have run for weeks without a visitor. I genuinely feel that the best contribution I can make to all of your efforts is to be a Joker in a Deck of Many Things. I'm just joking about the OSR, but you are actually living it, and that matters a lot to me.

    For what it's worth, I feel that the games really aren't the most important thing the OSR is preserving.