Friday, March 19, 2010

LotFP: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Version 0.04 Now Available


(and all comments, etc, I'd rather see here, because this post will be buried in a matter of days on the blog)

Yes, the rapier is still there and doing the same thing. :P

I have three requests.

Ascending AC alongside descending, keep it or dump it? It's a bit messy throughout the text, but if I keep both I'll make that cleaner, so don't let that influence your decision. (the modules will be statted as they always have been, "Armor as Plate and Shield," instead of numbers)

Break the Encumbrance system. Show me how is sucks and how it doesn't work. I need to get a character sheet made soon and I want it to have a cute little checklist that's right there using this system. Kill it, beat it, torture it. I love the idea and my group will test it, but the more people that attack it, the better. Tell me how to make it better.

The spells... I was starting to get repetitive and stupid with giving all the spells weird descriptions. I need help! You've got ideas out there (and this book is the All-OGL, Free-on-the-Web stuff so feel good about contributing. :D), help me out. Let's make this good and weird. The only restrictions are the spell has to do roughly the same sort of thing as it traditionally does, and of course the name has to stay the same.

So, have at. I'm going to make another run through the Tutorial and address the comments my Asst. Editors have made about that. They've been suitable pains in the asses so far (it's what I was wanting!), so here's hoping I can make things better!


  1. Rules for starting money for characters of over 1st level, yes!

    I like how you have to go to cities to buy real weapons and armor.

    Weapons rules remind me of old WFRPG.

    Typo in the terrain effect on daily movement table.
    "Terrain Adjustment
    Jungle, Mountains, Swamp x 1/A13"

    I like the look of your encumbrance rules, but I think you may need to define oversized items. I know a sledgehammer or 10' pole is oversized, but what about a carbine?

    I applaud the inclusion of starvation & dehydration rules, but I still think they are twice as fast as they should be!

    "Casting a spell may not be done
    secretly, stealthily, or disguised as another activity; the actions will be obvious to all."

    I applaud your inclusion of this and I am immediately using that as a houserule!

    I like the thoroughness (a continuing theme) of the magic rules and I dig the long, uncertain spell transcription, research, etc rules. Reminds me of Call of Cthulhu.

    I'm seeing a lot of simple, reasonable rules for implicit fantasy adventure tropes that I would use for my own game!

  2. On encumbrance, I will proselytize thus: The original system was fine, except the numbers were just scaled too large. This has caused much gnashing of teeth over the years trying to escape the system. Consider instead adding the following numbers:

    4 - plate mail
    2 - chain mail
    1 - leather, shield, polearm, halberd, pike, 2-handed sword, morning star, flail, battle axe, staff, 1000 coins.
    1/3 - helmet, sword, mace, handaxe, bow, arrows, wand, waterskin, chalice.

    Smaller stuff is ignored. I find that I'm able to do this in my head and it's intuitive. Characters can carry up to their Strength without being encumbered. (Up to 1/3 at 12", 2/3 at 9", Str at 6", double Str at 3").

    So in summary, the only original problem is that the numbers weren't scaled to single-digits to make them convenient to work with. It just so coincidentally happens that there is an archaic measurement of weight designed to work with things in the scale above; the "stone" (14 pounds) which is the unit I scaled the table above to (took OD&D numbers, divided by 140, rounded).