Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Status Update

  • Completed the Tutorial draft and sent it for perusal (my players will also get copies next time)
  • Received a costume sketch last week, and just this morning a few full concept sketches of The Cover. Waiting until both models take a look at them before making any decisions.
  • Beginning the search for printer options, as I got some scary info from my usual printer yesterday
  • Started the process of recruiting some other interior artists
  • Began work on the Referee book. At end of day Friday I'll put that down and take another gander through the rules and do a cleanup.

Busy busy. Having completed drafts of everything by the end of this month looks very doable.


  1. I'm curious to know what the scary news was from your printer. I've been following your game development with a lot of interest. A peek at all the crap you need to go through to get that box/module on the shelves.

  2. Pricing.

    Not so much the cost of printing (but I'm already at the point where I won't get price breaks for printing more), but the fact that everything I have made here in Finland has a 22% sales tax added on top of it.

    But this time I'll be printing so much stuff that A- the sales tax is just oppressive for one package as opposed to how pricing comes out for a module, and B- I'll be printing so much stuff that maybe I can use a traditional press. But maybe not in this country.