Monday, March 1, 2010

Ropecon 2010 July 23 - 25

Finland's big RPG convention is at the end of July.

This is the hard deadline for having everything ready and out. Just four months and three weeks? yikes.

I'm booking a vendor table. I'm interested in carrying some stuff from other OSR publishers on a consignment basis for the con - contact me if you're interested.

This year's themes for the con, if I'm reading it right, are Horror and the Future of the Hobby. I'm all for the one, and ready to fart on all the pundits' thinking on the other. No word yet on guests of honor this year as far as I can see.

There is a possibility of scheduling a program for the con. Due to my vendor table duties, I don't think I'm going to be up for running games this year (maybe my midnight Tomb of Horrors, for just a small group this time rather than the circus-like groups I tried corralling in years past)... but doing a presentation on Old School sounds like an opportunity.

... probably an opportunity that I shouldn't take. I mean, I'd want to simply use half the occasion as a promotional vehicle, which would be rather rude, and I'd want to use the other half to just bait the diehard White Wolfers and LARPers who wouldn't be attending the talk anyway so it would be pointless. Then again I always just want to say, "Rocks fall, you all die!" in a game just to say I have, but I've never done that.

Someone convince me of a format I can use so it would be a good idea to do this (the presentation, not the baiting or the self-promotion).

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  1. I really can't think of a reason why you wouldn't do the presentation. The OSR, and your new game needs all the visibility and promotion it can get, and I really can't think of anyone in Finland better suited for it. So what if you end up mostly self-promoting, and baiting the role-playing equivalent of hippies?