Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Devil's In the Details

Many PC Backgrounds Invented by Players are... (roll d4)
  1. Created completely for their own satisfaction and amusement because my adventures are written to conform to a certain concept, not for any particular PCs.
  2. Wasted because the second I develop an adventure hook specifically for a certain character, the character promptly dies in some horrific way.
  3. An excuse to be able to do things not in the rules.
  4. Probably ruined by random character generation so all I ever see is something thought of off the top of the player's head while buying equipment.


  1. 5. Not worth bothering about until the OC has survived long enough to gain a few levels and look like they may be around awhile.

    6. A handy way to troll the DM.

  2. 7. An excuse to act like an insufferable asshat. Especially when the character is a Paladin or Thief.

    8. Are best when they can be summarized in one sentence.

    I'm pretty lucky as my players are all about #s 5 & 8.

  3. 9. Irrelevant when the character in question is struck down by a lightning bolt.

  4. 10. Fodder for the DM to use/abuse as he/she pleases.

    Ex. I had a player (Paladin) who found out his family was descended from demon-halfbreeds that terrorized the region many years ago. The entire town hushed up the matter and the devilish events were known only to the town eldars. The player always thought the Paladin Order that accepted him was harsh out of a sense of strictness & duty. Turns out he was being tested for the sins of his ancestors.