Saturday, March 6, 2010

Elves Suck

"Oh, look at me, I'm a prissy pants elf and I don't have to worry about dancing in and out of your tackle zones! Teehee!"

I broke one of their collarbones, at least.

Actually, the Blood Bowl game was fun last light. I hope it keeps going as a league. I was one of two rookies playing last night, but the other one didn't even know what a "touchdown" was at the beginning of the night.

Europeans scare me sometimes. :P

Time to study this site, I guess...


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  2. Blood Bowl is probably the greatest thing ever created by human hands. If your local game does keep going, I hope you enjoy it!

    One of the players in the local "we take it far too seriously" league has tweaked his elven team so that they can score in one turn, and the match reports all seem to involve the opposing team taking the loss, just so they can spend the game trying to break his airy-fairy elven runner's legs.

    Of course, I play a dark elf team, so I'm not one to talk, perhaps.

    (amended for grammar)

  3. Real Bloodbowl, or videogame Bloodbowl?

  4. There is a video game version?

  5. There's an online java enviroment type game, a PC and Xbox -game and of course the traditional board and miniatures game. Blood Bowl is by far the best one of Games Workshops mini's games. I've been playing it for about 15 years. Jim, do you have a tabletop league going?

  6. There was supposed to be a PC game released last year, but I never see it anywhere, check some of the videos on Youtube or Google Bloodbowl PC game. It looked awesome.
    Not enough miniature gamers around my area :(.

  7. Writing as a fanatical WH & 40k player, Blood Bowl is possibly the greatest miniatures game ever written. I've heard good things about the PC/console version as well.