Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two Notes of No Consequence

I'm off to the interior of deepest, darkest Finland today to try to convince someone with reputed artistic ability to do some work for me. Wish me luck.

Also, I keep seeing this fear from a couple people around the forums. It goes something like this: "I think this Grognardia project is all about Maliszewski eventually writing a book on the subject." Like that would be a terrible thing.

One, I hope he does write a book. I have no idea if that's a real plan he has, but I hope he does. It would be a shame if all that stuff he's written over the past couple of years ends up existing only on the internet. That would be a waste.

Two, even if the worst fears are true... what if Maliszewski is a fake, a fraud, a White Wolf writer in old(school) sheep's clothing who infiltrated out movement in 2008 for the evil purpose of profiting off of us by writing a book about us?

So fucking what? One, he's running an OD&D campaign for crying out loud. Playing one of these games is pretty much the only requirement to be "one of us." No matter where you came from, what you did before, doesn't even matter if it's your favorite sort of game. You play the game in good faith, you're one of us, and fuck anyone who tries to impose greater "membership requirements" than that.

And let's say he is a big faker outsider poser who never actually even heard of an old school game before 2008. What, two years of musings and discussion and hypothesizing and playing, with all the back-and-forth that has gone along with it, isn't enough research to write a decent book?

How perceptive some people are, seeing the conspiracy and fraud that the rest of us are too blind to see. That Grognardia guy's going to laugh all the way to the bank after he's written that book, and we were all too blind to stop him.

For fuck's sake.


  1. Until James starts hanging out at a beach in La Jolla wearing nothing but a white suit like Tom Wolfe as he scribbles notes for a book he'll eventually call "The Pump House Gang in The Cursed Chateau," I think it's safe to say we're not the subjects of a corporate research project.

    But he is Canadian, and we all know how sneaky they are.

    No - seriously: James' blog is popular because he knows how to use a literary needle and prod for a reaction. Also, he's a damn fine writer, one of those guys I respect even in those rare instances I think he's off the freaking beam.

  2. Let's, for the sake of argument, say Mal was born yesterday and spent his last life doing nothing but Vampire LARPing--

    Their logic is..."It's bad to attract new converts to our way of gaming, especilaly if they are extremely interested, try really hard, and do professional-level research into it?"

    People sure do rock.

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  4. 5...4...3...2...1...The number of typos in any comment I leave is directly proportional to how angry I am.

  5. Actually he's American and just lives in Canada according to his prior comments (unless I'm mistaken). So..seems to be some kind of exhile, no doubt due to his sneaky nature. I bet he's only living in Canada to write a book about living in Canada.

  6. Good luck with the artist. I'm really looking forward to getting your game when it's released.

    And as far as a Grodnardia book, I'd buy it. So I don't see what the fuss it about.

  7. Actually he's American and just lives in Canada

    Yeah, I'm not even a real Canadian. Will my perfidy never cease?!

  8. Remind me, when is Controversy Month over again?

  9. James is the real deal! And I would buy 'Grognardia: A Study of the Origins and Development of Tabletop Role-Playing Games' in a heartbeat.

  10. What is a real Canadian?

    Chevski, will you finish that book already!

  11. UM...exactly how much money could he possibly make by writing such a book?

    *hold pinky to lips*

    "One million dollars!"

  12. In no way shall I criticize anyone for making a living, that does not impinge upon other people from doing the same... Other than that, any attempt to follow morality and juvenile "ethical" issues are largely a farce that people selectively live by.

  13. The fighting is so fierce because the stakes are so low.

  14. Yes..yes...that's it...suspect Grognardia. Now my own book plans may go undetected!

    Muah-hah-hah-ha....waitaminute, this isn't my private diabolical plan diary..?



  15. [laughing]

    Everything I learned about Canada and/or Canadians I learned from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and SCTV - so I recognize that what I do know might not be entirely accurate.

    Still - it is fun engaging in perfidy (unless I'm on the receiving end).

  16. Anybody who would say something like that is experiencing a different reality than the rest of us. It's pretty obvious if you read Grognardia just how much passion he has in the subject and in what he writes about.