Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inspirational Gygax

"The spell lasts 4 melee rounds for each level of experience of the druid casting it, i.e. 4 rounds at the 1st level, 8 rounds at the 2nd, 12 (1 turn plus 2 rounds) at the 3rd, etc."


OK, maybe I shouldn't randomly select my inspirational quote.

"Authoring these works means that, in a way, I have set myself up as final arbiter of fantasy role playing in the minds of the majority of D&D adventurers. Well, so be it, I rationalized. Who better than the individual responsible for it all as creator of the 'Fantasy Supplement' in Chainmail, the progenitor of D&D; and as the first proponent of fantasy gaming and a principal in TSR, the company one thinks of when fantasy games are mentioned, the credit and blame rests ultimately here."