Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vincent Baker sweetens the deal!

From Vincent Baker:

"Holy crap friends! This is so close!

63 hours to go, $1360 left to raise.

From this point on, every new backer gets a free PDF of their choice of one of my games. Every new backer at $30 or more gets their choice of two!

- Apocalypse World (including all 6 Limited Edition playbooks)
- Dogs in the Vineyard (moral brinkmanship in a West that never quite was)
- kill puppies for satan (the one that started it all)
- In a Wicked Age (my beautiful, flawed Sword & Sorcery game)
- Murderous Ghosts (my newest and, at this writing, the most accessible rpg there is)
- Poison'd (a blood-soaked pirate game of ambition and betrayal, for adults, please)

We can do it!"

He is also taking questions about his games here.

(Note that this is Baker's own offer and the fulfillment of these will be a matter between Baker and the particular contributor.) 


  1. So people who've already backed him get zip?

  2. Talk to him at the provided link. This offer wasn't my idea, I'm not supplying his previous games' PDFs.

  3. @Saroe - I asked that very question at vince's link - awaiting an answer

  4. At the link above:

    Vince updated the offer so that all backers (past ones included) get the .PDF offer. He is still figuring out how to organize it.

  5. Which game is getting is this for?