Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Final Day

The top four which have special offers attached. Start with Kelvin's give what you can, and let's see if we can't knock off one or two of these. 21 hours left.


  1. Here is why I haven't contributed yet - is it better to go with a Faithful pledge on one, or put $30 on all four?!? It's more about getting as many funded as possible than about me getting as many as possible...

  2. If the last 12 hours are any indication of the next 18... put it all on Green because Kreider, Brockie, and Cook aren't getting much new attention.

  3. @Dithering Fool

    If you put $30 on all four, what will probably happen is you'll get $90 back when all but "Horror Among Thieves" fail to fund. And, for your $30 on "Horror Among Thieves", you'll get it and Rob Conley's 16-page sandbox.

    But if you go with a "Faithful" pledge on "Horror Among Thieves" you'll definitely get at least it for free even if it doesn't fund. And if it does fund, then you'll get:

    "Horror Among Thieves"
    "Seclusium of Orphone"
    "Broodmother Sky Fortress"
    James Raggi's exclusive 64-page adventure
    Rob Conley's 16-page sandbox
    James Raggi's 8-12 page adventure

  4. I forgot to mention...

    In addition to everything else, a "Faithful" contribution will also qualify you for one free thing from here...


    ...and two free things from here...


  5. @Dithering Fool

    Sorry. I somehow didn't register that you'd said "It's more about getting as many funded as possible than about me getting as many as possible."

    But, even in that case, I agree with Raggi's reasoning and still suggest putting it all on "Horror Among Thieves".

  6. thanks everyone...I keep hoping that more will make it...I dont think there was a single proposal that I was not interested in and there were a good half dozen that I'd pay a premium for...I'm jumping full force on Horror