Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Last Campaign Update (Promise!) - Your Last Chance!

Towers Two. FUNDED.

Next is Anna Kreider's We Who Are Lost. Grab Bag contributors get an original piece of b/w art, Faithful get color.

Do we have one more miracle in us?

3 hours left as I write this.

If you want the Conley sandbox, exclusive to these campaigns, you need contribute $30 to a funding project.

The higher perk levels have been turned off on Broodmother and Seclusium and Horror and Towers but are still live on Lost:

$100 Grab Bag on We Who Are Lost means, if it funds, you get all four adventures, Conley's thing, and an adventure from me.If you want to be more supportive, the Faithful levels gets you my 64 page adventure plus a booklet of other stuff with Zak cover art, neither of which will appear outside of this campaign.


  1. But if you put down $100 toward Lost and it _doesn't_ fund, you get nothing. (Well, you get your pledge back.)

    ... which sucks if you want the other six things for $100.

    I hadn't previously seen any indication that the Grab Bags would end up being only for those that put money down before a project was completely funded. If that's the intent, then no thanks.

    (Though I might still throw down $30 on one of the already funded projects.)