Monday, July 23, 2012

Final Push: Robert S. Conley Sandbox added as Extras, Princess Ninja Panda Taco

9 days left. Still plenty of time to get lots of stuff done if you want to.

New Perk: All $30+ contributors on funded projects will get a sandbox supplement by Robert S. Conley (Majestic Wilderlands, Points of Light 1 & 2, etc.) in print + pdf format. This is exclusive to this campaign and will not be available in any format afterwards.

Also remember that the Grab Bag level allows you to choose which adventures you want (up to 6).

All adventures come with an "OGL 3.PF" conversion in pdf by Owen K.C. Stephens.

Plus some campaigns have unique perks:

As discussed in yesterday's blog post, if you contribute to Horror Among Thieves and it doesn't fund, you will still get the adventure anyway at no charge. See the notes on the campaign page for details. If you guys could spread the word about this one...

Jennifer Steen has an added bonus for $30+ contributors to her Depths of Paranoia adventure: Princess Ninja Panda Taco! Fresh off her successful Kickstarter for Project: Ninja Panda Taco, she'll be doing a mini-supplement about an evil mastermind trying to destroy the world. Cover art on this by PNPT artist Brian Patterson.

GWAR fans should jump on the extras Dave Brockie is offering as part of his Towers Two adventure: a new $50 perk gives you a signed shirt and poster, $75 gives you that plus 2 GWAR concert tickets and a meeting with Brockie himself. Those might be worth it even without the adventure being involved...

Aeron Alfrey's Escaping Leviathan has a couple unique perks: The $40 level gets you quality prints of some of Alfrey's previous LotFP work, and  $75 gets you that and a poster.

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  1. James, quick question - what happens in you do the $100 grab bag and less than 5 fund (grab bag gives you 6, but you break even at 5)